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LIFEWTR Art BRN Project #canvasforchange

I have partnered with @LIFEWTR to create a mural design to transform a hundred year old barn into my #CanvasForChange. I am proud to be apart of this campaign and to help raise awareness of the lack of funding for arts education in Texas.

Below you will find more information about the campaign so you can check it all out for yourself. The campaign runs from May 15th - July 15th 2019


LIFEWTR®, the premium bottled water brand that believes art is as essential to life as water, is unveiling a series of Art BRN projects across four locations spanning Highway 71 in Ellinger, Fayetteville, La Grange and Smithville, TX. The projects showcase a series of old barns turned into roadside art attractions, colorfully juxtaposed against America’s rural landscape, and are each curated by artists born and bred in Texas. From May 13 - 15th, LIFEWTR collaborated with a set of local schools to host artist workshops – including Smithville High School, Wisdom High School and Travis High School. Students were encouraged to engage with the artists behind the Art BRN projects and create their own art pieces that are now being sold as $5 prints from vintage, Art-o-mat machines at each barn location. Proceeds from the machines will help raise funding for the schools’ art education programs. Local media, photographers and visitors are invited to visit these unique locations to capture photos of the barns, read inspirational stories from the local artists, and engage with the vintage, Art-o-mat vending machines on-site. Based on 2010 Census Data, Texas is one of the lowest funded states for art education – and one of the only states without state-wide programs benefiting arts education. LIFEWTR has long marked a commitment to championing arts in education, and this project represents another step forward in this movement in the hopes of impacting 10 million students through arts education curriculum.

Locations of Art BRN's:

• Ellinger Gray Barn (206 TX-71, Ellinger, TX 78938) • Fayetteville Barn (2955 FM 955, Fayetteville, TX 78949) • La Grange Red Wood Barn (3528 TX-71, La Grange, TX 78945) • Smithville Red Barn (1191 TX-71, Smithville, TX 78957)

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